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Mango Billing can import Clients, Open Invoices, Open Time Records (WIP) and Users

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Frequently asked questions

Is my client data hostage on the Mango Billing server?

Absolutely not!  We have utilities in Mango Billing that allow you to export data to various file formats, including Excel spreadsheets.


How about importing data?

We do not allow importing data during the trial period.   If you have the Enterprise Plan and integrate Quickbooks, we do import client information automatically.  We currently import Clients, Open Invoices, Open Time Records and Users.  See the Help ArticleImporting Data, or reach out to Technical Support for assistance.

What does practice management software do?

Practice Management allows you to manage your firm more efficiently and profitably. You will be able to answer; “Who are our most profitable Clients” and “What are our most Profitable products” so that you can optimize your time and effort.

What is the best practice management software?

Mango Billing by ImagineTime!

What should I look for in a practice management program?

Practice Management software should include all the capability you need in one solution. There is no need to have separate vendors for Secure File Sharing, Electronic Signature, Document Management, Workflow, or Time and Billing. These should be part of your all-in-one solution.

Why do we need practice management software?

If your firm wants to be more profitable, efficient, and fully aware of all the information that drives your firm’s success you need to have a modern and powerful Practice Management solution.

What software do CPA firms use?

Many firms use software for discrete application like Secure File Sharing, Electronic Signature, Document Management, Workflow, Time & Billing, and Reporting. Fortunately, with ImagineTime you get all of this in an all-in-one application!

Which accounting software is best for accountants?

Mango Billing by ImagineTime!

Customer Testimonials

“Thanks again for your help Tim, I have mentioned Mango Billing to a few groups of colleagues, so hopefully they sign up soon as well. I used Jetpack Workflow, SmartCenter, ATOM and Mango beat them all in client management, time tracking and billing, and scheduling. If you guys can somehow add document management to it that will let you view, edit, save files directly in the system then you guys will definitely win over a lot of Tax and Accounting Firms.”

Winai Xiong, EA

Payroll & Tax Solution, Inc., Clovis, CA

“Thanks for the online demo and convincing me to switch from an outdated billing system to Mango Billing.  The remote assistance with importing our clients was a tremendous time saver.   Time tracking is much easier for us in your system and our invoices are going out the door faster.  We are in Mango all day for client contact information, scheduling and billing.  We are very happy with the software and thanks for the great support.”

Charlie Thornton CPA,

Thornton & Associates Brunswick, MD

At Mango Billing we are inspired to provide the best time and billing software for CPA's, Consultants, Lawyer's and other businesses.  Our passion for creating practice management solutions started in 1994.  We would love to hear from you!


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