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10 Efficiency Tips for CPAs

Successful accountants are also expert organizers who know how to manage their time wisely. In a world where all of our electronic devices are connected and communication is instantaneous, this process can become even more streamlined and efficient than ever...

Mango Billing Is Now A Web-Based Solution!

Announcing our New Website Launch. We have been working very hard the last several months and have finally released the newly redesigned and updated website to reflect the launch of Mango Billing on the web.  The website reflects all the new features and benefits of...

Employee Time Tracking

Time Tracking is simple and efficiently in Mango Billing. If you are still using manual time sheets, you are wasting valuable time!  Research shows that people who keep track of their time are more productive.  Companies can, on average, recover $32,000 in billable...

Accounting for Work In Progress (WIP)

What is the best way to dispose of WIP that will not be billed? It is not a good idea to simply delete a time record since this time was actually spent working on a client and will disappear, and as a result, will not be properly recognized to reflect a true...

Just How Safe is Your Cloud Data?

CPAs are migrating to cloud data for their clients’ storage. But how safe is their data, really? The invisible, omnipresent cloud is taking over the world as we know. It sounds a bit suspicious, doesn’t it? You’re sending your files to some mysterious location that is...

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