Time & Expense tracking just got easier!  Scrap the old ways and check us out.   

Where did all my time go?  Mango Billing has the tools to NOT let money slip through the cracks.  Accurately tracking time and expenses can increase your revenue by as much as 35%!

Let us show you how.

Time Tracking Tools for Businesses that Value Time

Stop giving away time! Start tracking time the EASY way!


Create multiple timers that can be started/stopped.  Great for phone calls and starting a task to accurately record your time.


Weekly Time Card

Quickly enter time for clients over multiple days with less entry.  See the entire week at a glance.

Batch Time Entry

Spreadsheet type entry to key in multiple time records by User.  Expedites putting in multiple time records.


Pop-Up Time Entry

No matter where you are at in the application you can quickly add a time record with Pop-Up Time Entry


Quickly Capture Time with Timers

Start and Stop as many timers as needed.  Easily pause and edit time if necessary.  When finished with time tracking, simply convert the timer to a time record.

Start Timers From Anywhere

No matter where you’re at a timer can be started so that you never miss recording time again!

Weekly Time Card

Quickly See Your Weekly Time at a Glance

Need to add time or modify time, no problem!  Just enter your time directly in the day and add a work description.  A popup dialog allows you to enter a work description or private description.

Efficient & Easy Time Entry

Great for entering time for the same client over multiple days of the week!

Batch Time Entry

Batch Time Entry

Spreadsheet Type Entry

Great for entering multiple time records and saving in batch.  Newly added rows are duplicated from the preview row and the End Time becomes the Start Time.

User Defined Options

Optionally Show the Start/Stop Time.  Hide the Billing Rate and Billable/NonBillable Amounts.

Pop-Up Time Entry

Add Time From Anywhere

No matter where you’re at in the application you can always pop-up the Add Time Entry dialog to quickly create a time record.  Editing time records is just as easy!

Quick Time Entry

Shortcuts can be used in the Work Description or Private Memo to speed up data entry dramatically.  You create the shortcut and description, select from the drop-down list and your description is pasted into the description.

Simple Ways to Accurately Track Time & Expenses


If you’re giving away your Time and Expenses, at least know how much you gave away!

Features that will change
the way you manage your business


Professionally designed invoices. Print or Email in batch.


Time Tracking

4 easy-to-use tools to track time better and STOP giving away time!



Gain valuable insights to managing your practice and boost performance.


Reports Center

Practice management reports to analyze better performance better.



Firm-wide scheduling with email notifications. Google and Outlook integrations.



Dashboards that boost productivity and tell a story. Key information at a glance.


Client Portal

Let clients pay at their convenience. Share documents with clients.




Securely store documents and share with your clients. Email notifications.



Due Dates

The ultimate in Due Date Management. Never miss a deadline again!


Client CRM

Get a 360 degree view of all your client information. Find what you need quickly!


Time & Expense Tracking.  As easy as it gets!

At Mango Billing we are inspired to provide the best time and billing software for CPA's, Consultants, Lawyer's and other businesses.  Our passion for creating practice management solutions started in 1994.  We would love to hear from you!


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