Release Notes

New Features and Fixes

Release History:

Edit Invoice now allows Invoice Template to be changed.
Recurring Invoice now prompts if no text has been entered, to be replaced, before processing invoices.
Due Date Management.  Global Filters are now automatically cleared when changing tabs and when tasks are deleted or status changed.
Login Screen.  Fixed the Sign Up button from wrapping on smaller screens.

Forget Password emails improved for Customer Portal and Mango Billing Users.
Sorting and Default Sorting updated throughout the application.
Added the Activity Code to all drop downs so the Activity Code and Description are now displayed.  Search updated to include both options.
Fixed default Invoice Template to update in Batch Billing and Recurring Billing.
Marketing and Email Automation.  Ability to add client names, by filter preferences to a 3rd Party List.
Started implementation for Marketing Automation to SendinBlue and MailChimp.
Updated Customer Contact telephone number to accommodate an extension

Added Intelligent Invoicing to Batch Billing and Manual Invoicing.
Two new reports added to Reports Center
Due Date Management (Minor fixes)

Google Calendar Integration
Batch Billing
Changed Credit Card Partnership to Singular Payments to allow credit card integration inside application.

Contacts separated in Client List.  New tab to filter Contacts.
Label printing added to support the Dymo Label Printer
New Email template added for Invoice Email to remove the View and Pay Now button when the Customer Portal is deactivated.
Customer Portal improvements.

Email Notification added for new appointment event an event is created by another user.
User Logs added to track when users are logging into the system.
Manual Invoice functionality for pasting Short Invoice Description improved.
Manual Invoice improvements.

Started Integration with Singular Payments for credit card processing.
Add Global Filters to tables with an ‘X’ icon to clear Global Filter.
Improved performance of data tables.
Make Deposit changed to single delete of data to correct issues.
Added Email Notifications options for receiving payments.
Updated Billing Rate Profiles.

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