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As reported in CPA Practice Advisor, ImagineTime “has acquired Mango Billing and has integrated it into its next-generation practice management solution for accounting firms”.

As reported on PYMNTS.COM, Mango Billing is “modernized because accounting firms of today want [Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)], hosted solutions and a modern interface designed for the web in mind.”

“What gets measured gets done.” Variations on this little management cliché have made the rounds for decades, and for good reason. Measuring the right data is key to making sound strategic decisions and running a more efficient, profitable company. ImagineTime discusses the Top 5 KPIs You Should Track Every Month.

“The more efficiently a firm and its employees can work, the more profitable they will be. This is why having good systems and workflows in place is essential for success.” In this article, Carl Coe discusses The 6 Practice Management Workflows Every Accounting Firm Should Master.

“Practice management software can be a valuable tool to guide your firm to profitability. If you choose the wrong solution, however, it can set your firm back in both time and money invested. The process of shopping for a new software suite can seem daunting to a small firm owner. But it doesn’t need to be that way if you know how to evaluate your options.” Learn How To Evaluate Practice Management Software with Carl Coe.

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