Document Management that is fast, secure and easy.

All your important documents in one place.  Your business automated, secure, compliant – freeing you for the work that really matters!

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Discover how Mango Billing’s cloud-based document management can optimize every workforce hour

Business happens everywhere in today’s environment.  Document management for businesses that need their information secure, compliant, usable and accessible — from any device, any time, anywhere.

Document Management System

Mango Billing takes security seriously!

All documents are encrypted with the NSA developed SHA-256 encryption algorithm which
protects data transfers between your computer and the server.  While your documents are at rest
on the cloud server all data is encrypted and behind a certified firewall.
User documents are stored on Amazon S3 data centers located in the US.

Fast & flexible ways to view documents!

Slide-Out Document Viewer

Right-Click your document and select Preview to quickly see a large view of your document in the slide-out viewer.

dms document viewer

Document Viewer Pane

To get a snapshot of your document open the Document Viewer Pane and documents will be displayed as you selected them.

Secure collaboration for every team member in your organization

dms folder permissions

Folder Permission Profiles allow to control team member permissions at every folder level.  Additionally, you have complete control over folders to share in the client portal for your clients to have Read and Download/Upload access.

Control team member and client email notifications

Email Notifications are powerful!  Create your own customized HTML email templates to be assigned at every folder level.  Notify a client automatically when a document is uploaded to a folder.  Upload a tax return and automatically the client will be notified to review the tax return in the Client Portal. Select Users to be notified if a client, or team member has uploaded documents.

dms email notifications

Create beautiful HTML email templates with custom fields

DMS HTML editor

You have complete control of how your email notifications look and the messaging.  Email templates can be assigned to any folder at any level.   Notifications allow you to streamline communications automatically based on an upload or download event.

Create folder templates once and duplicate to clients

DMS Folder Permissions

Streamlined workflows to save time maintaining folders structures.  Document types supported are PDF, JPEG, TIFF, XLSX, DOCX, DOC, XLS, CSV, TXT, BMP to name a few.

Set permissions and notifications once based on your organization requirements.  Duplicating templates to clients will maintain all profiles and can be changed at the client level.

Powerful Document Management Features


Email Documents

With a single click send password protected attachments.


Folder Templates

Ensure consistent layout with predefined templates.  Easily edit folder names.


Secure Storage

Documents are encrypted in transit and at rest on the cloud server.


Document Viewer

We can handle pretty much any file type in our document viewer.


Folder Permissions

Permission profiles can be established at the folder template and client level.


Email Editor

Feature rich HTML editor to control the look and messaging.


Client Portal

Choose which folders to make available to clients in the portal.


Document Sharing

Share documents with team members and clients in the Client Portal.


Duplicate Templates

Easily assign folder templates to clients with our batch utility.


Easy Drag N Drop

Drop multiple files in the drop zone for fast uploading.


Email Notifications

Custom email notifications at the folder level for Upload/ Download events.


Print Documents

Easily print documents to your local printer.

Features that will change
the way you manage your business


Professionally designed invoices. Print or Email in batch.


Time Tracking

4 easy-to-use tools to track time better and STOP giving away time!



Gain valuable insights to managing your practice and boost performance.


Reports Center

Practice management reports to analyze better performance better.



Firm-wide scheduling with email notifications. Google and Outlook integrations.



Dashboards that boost productivity and tell a story. Key information at a glance.


Client Portal

Let clients pay at their convenience. Share documents with clients.




Securely store documents and share with your clients. Email notifications.



Due Dates

The ultimate in Due Date Management. Never miss a deadline again!


Client CRM

Get a 360 degree view of all your client information. Find what you need quickly!


Document Management.  Fast, Secure & Easy!

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