Mango Billing Offers A NEW Web-Based Application

Feb 12, 2018

Announcing our New Website Launch.

We have been working very hard the last several months and have finally released the newly redesigned and updated website to reflect the launch of Mango Billing on the web.  The website reflects all the new features and benefits of using Mango Billing.

  • Time & Expense Tracking
    • Weekly Time Sheets
    • Timers
    • Popup Time Entry
  • Improved and faster Invoicing
    • Manual Invoicing
    • Recurring Invoicing
    • Batch Invoicing
  • Payments
    • The New Customer Portal
    • Ability to get approved for credit card processing in seconds
  • Due Date Management
    • New tabs system to filter by status
    • Improved Dashboard
    • Easy setup with NEW batch creation of tasks
  • Scheduling/Calendar
    • NEW Integration with Google Calendar
    • Email Notifications
    • Shared Calendars
    • Assign multiple attendees to an event
  • Email Integration (NEW)
    • Integration with MailChimp and SendinBlue (more to come!)
    • Send Welcome Client Letters / Announcement / Reminders
  • Email Notifications
    • Optionally send Thank You letters upon receiving payments
    • Scheduling reminders

We are so excited about all the changes that have been made to Mango Billing.  It has been an evolution of changes for over 20 years now!  We invite you to have a look at all the NEW FEATURES!

Want to get started right away and give us a spin?  You can sign up and sign in and you can quickly see for yourself how easy and powerful Mango Billing is.