Tracking and recording time can be either recorded while you are working with a timer and or manually.  Regardless of which method is used, in Mango Billing it is easy to account for all hours worked in a day.  Tracking time for a client is fairly straightforward, but what about tracking time that is not associated with a client?

The easiest way to handle this in Mango Billing is to setup your firm as a client and check the box option Mark Time As Billed.  What this does is allow for time entry to your firm and it will never show up in Open Slips or WIP for billing.  In other words this is time that is ‘Absorbed’ by the firm.


In a given day a Staff may have 6 hours billable to various clients and 2 hours that is allocated to the firm for phone calls, filing or other administrative tasks.  The 6 hours would be assigned to specific client and 2 hours would be assigned to your firm.  The net result is that when reviewing time sheets for employees, ALL time is accounted for.

This also goes back to having accurate Realization Rates!