We are please to announce the new redesigned Support Center.  It is an all in one self-service customer portal containing Articles, Announcements, Community Forums, Knowledge Base, and Ticket Center.  It is designed and tailored to customer needs allowing easy access to information.

Community Forums contain topics that are created by you, the customer and can be commented on by other users or Mango Billing moderators.

Knowledge Base Articles contain information that is relevant to a successful experience with Mango Billing.

Announcements will contain information regarding software updates and other company news.

Ticket Center is used to review open and closed tickets submitted for customer support or other customer service related issues.  Tickets can be submitted through the Support Center, or by email to support@mangobilling.com.  All emails submitted to support@mangobilling.com will automatically create an open ticket.

Chat is also available from the Support Center when an agents are available.

Other useful items are links to Getting Started  and the online Help Manual.

We are very excited with the functionality of the site and the information that is readily available to our customers.