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Scheduling and Calendars

Enjoy beautiful firm-wide, centralized scheduling for your organization.  Outlook-style calendars with synchronization to Google Calendars, Smart Phones and Microsoft Outlook.  See your appointments from ANYWHERE.  Create appointments with color coded appointment schemes, recurring appointments and reminders along with many other features.  Explore the many scheduling and calendar features that Mango Billing offers and see how you can manage your business better!


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Recurring Appointments

Get control of recurring tasks and appointments for your organization!

  • Flexible Recurrence Patterns

  • Set the Range for recurring appointments

  • Ability to remove a single recurring occurrence, or entire series

  • Ability to set color for specific appointment types

Calendar Integration’s

You’re not stuck with only Mango Billing Calendars!

  • Microsoft Outlook Integration

  • Google Calendar Integration

  • See your appointments from ANYWHERE

  • With Google Calendar Integration, you can sync with your Smart Phone

mango billing shared calendars
mango billing scheduling and calendars

Shared Calendars

Now you can see the entire organization’s schedule!

  • Selectively pick staff calendars to view

  • Group by Day or Staff

  • Create an appointment and selectively assign to staff

  • Drag and Drop appointments to staff calendars

Other Calendar Features

Take your scheduling to the next level!

  • Day View, Work Week View, Month Views and More

  • Popup Reminders

  • Preferences set by user to customize calendar

  • Time-Zone Support

  • Create appointments directly on calendar, or in our Feature-Rich Dialog


mango billing calendar preferences

Those Are Just A Few Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Reports Center with Report Filtering
  • Mailing List Management
  • To Do Dashboard
  • Label & Envelope Printing
  • PDF Viewer
  • Fully Functional Word-Like Letter Writer
  • Ticketed Support Help Desk
  • Online & Local Help Manual
  • Collection Center
  • Company & Staff Dashboards
  • Data In The Cloud
  • Firm Analysis & Analytics
  • Shortcut Short Codes to Speed Data Entry
  • Sales Tax Management
  • CPE Tracking for Staff
  • User Menu Security
  • Email Templates by Company/Staff
  • Import Directly From Quickbooks or Spreadsheet
  • Proposal Preparation for Customers
  • Note History & Contact Management By Client

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“I have used other software and this by far is the best I have used.  It is simple to understand and learn.  We use the recurring billing and it has saved a tremendous amount of time.  I would highly recommend this software to a colleague.”

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